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Anna Gannon is a mother, writer and intuitive meditation, yoga and energy guide.


In 2019, Anna stepped aside as the heart behind Expectful and The Expectful Podcast to focus her energy on a new mission, Mothering Awake.


Mothering Awake is an online and in-person community + podcast that believes that we can shift the world by remembering who we are.


Through Mothering Awake, Anna teachers meditation, movement and energy practices to support parents (and anyone else who feels called) to awaken to their true, authentic self.


With over 10 years of teaching experience and a wide net of training in various meditation, energy, spirituality and yoga modalities, Anna created Mothering Awake to serve as a comprehensive, easeful path towards supporting parents in remembering who they are, what their purpose is in this life, and why stepping into it, deeply matters.

With Mothering Awake's web development still in the works, Anna has started a community on Instagram (@motheringawake) where she is sharing insights into meditation, movement and energy work.


You can find Anna's meditations on Insight Timer, her yoga on Youtube and her writing featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Yoga Today and The Expectful Blog.

You can contact Anna directly at

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